Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meaning of Life

I was asked this question this morning and had to take a minute to answer. Life is a very debatable subject: embryo, fetus, baby, breath all these things are considered life in one realm or another. the question should be " What does life mean". You see life has so many different meanings to each of us. life means monetary to some, being able to wake up to some, being wanted to some, being loved to some, being ok with yourself to some, being a bitch to some it has so many different meanings. now the key is what is it in your life that makes you ask these type of questions? i know i have as well as each of you have asked and will continue to ask yourself this same question over and over again when the need presents itself. i am in the stage of looking at the quality of my so called life, i have been literally to the bottom of hell, lost, dehumanized, unwanted,casted away, mistreated, mislead, lied to, mistrusted, hated i could name more but you get the picture. i have also endured a little slice of heaven, been loved, wanted, picked up and trusted as i am sure some of you have also gone through some challenges in your lives. All these things have made me who i am today, now granted some days i may not like who i am or hell for that matter know who i am. i do know everyday I AM. so to finally answer my outlook on life: life is what you can do to make your essence a well rounded being, when you lay your head down to sleep you know you did the best that you could have done. I feel if you hate more than you love than hate will be all you know but if all you do is love than you are a fool. Enjoy the things you can and just let the others fall by the waist side. My personal meaning of life is all of you!! you are the spirits that bring balance in my life and i love you for it. i really do!!!

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