Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rev Smitty's Run Ons: Goodbye#links

Rev Smitty's Run Ons: Goodbye#links


How do you say goodbye to someone you don't ( didn't ) want to leave. Your heart is empty but heavy, your soul is wandering, you feel lost. I didnt want you to go and I know you must leave but it doesnt change things. Your destiny is what it is, some things we can change others can not. I know it was not your choice One day we will all have to make a this choice but it doesnt make it easier. The love that was shared can never be replaced nor should it. The moments spent together was ( is ) one in a million. The impact you have made upon me was surprising deep even though I couldnt resist. Everyday I wrap myself in knowing that no one can touch my heart and soul as you have done. So is this goodbye or farewell until we meet again? Time says it is farewell but it feels like goodbye, so how do I say goodbye? I dont!!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

How Do I ??

How do I help when the words are only words? The pain you are feeling is only one you can feel. I want to tell you all will be okay but who the hell knows when that will happen. I want you to know that you have touched many in your lifetime and more to come, all of them are definitely been blessed by your tenderness you have shown to them. Those who know you will feel your pain even if they dont know how to show you. Words are just words when spoken without the heart being attached. How do I let you know my words are filled with all the love my heart can give? How do I tell you that you are so important in my life? How do I tell you that on the days when I feel lost, your words are all that I need to make it thru the day? How do I let you know that life is full of pain but remembering the joys are the ones that count? How do I give you the same comfort you have given me on sooo many occasions? How do I help? I guess I can only say the words that I LOVE YOU!! How do I put the blanket of comfort around you from afar? Close your eyes and think of all the joys you have had in your life and you will feel my (blanket) of comfort surrounding you. How do I show you I am here to cry to, to yell at, to let you be you, to let you learn to walk again, to be the rock you can leave on but also the rock you need to toss your words on? I do it thru these words for now, when I see you again you will see my actions. Pain is the other side of joy, to know JOY you must also know Pain. You must have both to know when you one or the other. I will share your pain if you will let me. Time heals all wounds but the scars will remain how you deal with them on a daily basis is up to you. One NEW day at a time!!!

How Do I?