Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Betrayal describe by Webster:to be disloyal, to reveal in violation of one's confidence, to deliver or expose to an enemy by treachery. Wow how deep is that? In modern day society betrayal is more rampant and used to gain the recognition of others who seek to destroy a adversary. An adversary today is not necessary an enemy in arms but a competitor in where someone feels the should be. Jealousy is the most common reason for betrayal rather it is the person betraying or the persons they are betraying to. The outcome of this betrayal usually cost a friendship that was closer and more sincere than the one they seek. A friendship built on betrayal leads to further betrayal and you never really gain the acceptance and or trust of the new person. The betrayer usually is only used until they no longer are needed and then they themselves will be betrayed. See it is a vicious cycle that will never end and only PAIN will come from it. If someone felt the comfort and trust in you to tell you thier inner most secrets and feelings than that is the true friendship you seek. We are in a world of immediate satisfaction and need to belong to the POPULAR club, well that club is a fleeting club and true freindships last a lifetime. Question I ask: can a betrayal of friendship trust ever be fixed? I think it can in time but it must be the betrayer to initiate the reunion and the must be willing to accept the consequences of the actions. The pain caused by betrayal is soooo deep that it has caused the betrayed person to question themselves everyday as to who to trust, who to talk to. The self esteem of the betrayed person is also at the lowest of low because they don't know who knows. So you see if you have betrayed anyone this is the result of your betrayal. I hope the true friend you lost was well worth the pain you caused. If not it is never to late to ask for forgiveness but be ready for the betrayed person to not forgive you!

Everything worthwhile has a fence around it!
( But there is always a gate and key if you will look hard enough)

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