Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Journey has begun: Does it ever stop?

Does it ever stop? what is it? The pain and joy of love. Why is it that this one emotion is so demanding of your mind, body and soul? So much of our lives is based on this emotion that lives have both lost and reborn. Can you really deny this. I have tried on many occasions to hide my emotions but they always seem to prevail. I can't stop how I feel or can I? I like the feeling of closeness that this emotion brings into my life when it is in full force. The tingling feeling throughout your body, the butterflies in your tummy and the glow in your face and eyes. Wow!!! It is truly amazing but on the other end it also drains the most out of you as well. The pain that this emotion causes have made many men {women} crumble to thier knees and commit the ultimate sin {suicide}. Does the control of this emotion ever stop controlling you? I don't think so because without it where would we be, I dont want to think about it. The "love" emotion is what helps us make it thru the day, it is part of what we count on when we wake up in the morning. Will we love the things, places and tasks we have to do today. What about affairs of the heart? Why does it hurt sooo bad when it does stop from the other person when you are not ready for it to stop. Does it really stop on their end or is it just that they want to hurt you? Is it because what they may think is love is really not? Is it truly possible to go on without it {them}. Once you have loved someone do you really stop? Isn't there always something in the back of your mind saying "Does it ever stop"? The question should be do you really want it to stop, the joy, the feeling that consumed your whole being with that person?

Give feedback on this please.

Love is?
Love was?
Love should be...


  1. Hey, tht was real deep in thoughtful....I lost the one I thought was my soul mate for life....were still close, just not in love, I still have love for them, but as they put it, I love you, im just not in love with U...no more.....idk about everyone else, but I know it can HURT you an HAUNT you....but it can also FREE you from urself. When u learn to let go of something you LOVED....God open ur heart an mind to something else...hard to explain but its a PROCESS of finding ones inner LOVE...thx for the thought...keep it up.... remember POSITIVE an NEGATIVE attracts.....so u mite never find ur answer.....GOD is LOVE......

  2. Love is truly accepting another. Love doesnt "make" you feel a certain way. It just is. Unconditionally! If you truly love someone, instead of keeping them around so you can feel better...for some reason you're not with that person so you should be happy that the one you love is happy. You wanting them to be with you so you can be happy is selfish. You can still love that person but love them enough to wish them well. Letting go of someone is just a matter of accepting what is! For what ever reason you are not together accept what happened and move forward with good feelings!

  3. thank you for the comments. I see by your comments that i am not alone out there and it is nice to know my words mean something. please continue to check back as i will update as much as i can. Check out my other posts as well feedback is always wanted.

    Peace to you