Thursday, May 6, 2010


You know it is so easy to get lost in today's world there are so many obstacles in our way. The obstacles are the same for most of us just in different degrees. Most of the obstacles are our own doing ie: kids, marriage, dating and just self indecision. Kids god bless them but they have noo idea of the stress we put on ourselves to make sure they have everything and more of the needs and wants. Kids never understand that we want to do more but sometimes just can't and that hurts us and stresses us out more than just thier little wants not needs but wants. Marriage {dating, going together, habging out} whatever you want to call it is also a very stressful interference for all involved and especially when it comes to an end a ( nasty) as most do. Again you work soo hard to get and give all of your being to someone and it isnt appreciated or abused in the name of "LOVE". Self indecision is our greatest fault because it is this that makes us do the things we know we can't do. It is the self worthlessness that keeps us from putting our foot down when we should and making us feel guilty when we do. We from an older generation must remember the lessons taught to us by our parents" you are worth more than anything in the world, you can become anything you want to, wait til you have kids of your own, money doesn't grow on trees, eat what is on your plate or don't eat at all, respect your elders, work to overcome your obstacles, life isnt easy, enjoy the time you have" these are just a few of the sayings I heard growing up and I am sure some of you have heard them as well. The purpose of the runon is to let you know. Be the person YOU ARE not the person others think you should be and the rewards will be forever lasting. The REAL you will bring the respect that you deserve. Only those who are on the same "truthness" will understand and let you be the YOU, you want to be. I am ME with all my faults love me as me, accept me as me. They other obstacles will eventually move on and you will be able to see how you and them have grown from you being you!!

Decisions are hard when it is the right decision

Peace and Love

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