Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blessed Events

Recently I have come across the issue of parental trust. The issue is when do you start to trust your children? Why is it that we strive to make them strong independent people but yet we hold them back at the same time. I have met a few people recently on both sides of the subject. The child's side is, I don''t do anything wrong but yet the don't trust me. I don't drink, do drugs or anything of that nature. I spend most of my time at home or work. I always call them to let them know I am ok and when they call my cell phone I always answer so what is the problem. The parent side is: they have lied in the past, they were very disrespectful before, the were not where they said they were, they didnt answer when i called. The problem is that your past has dictated your future as well as their past. We all say leave the past in the past but do we really mean it? No we don't because if we did than many of of the issues we all face wouldn't exist would it? I have always trusted my kids until they have proven me not too. I think that as parents we tend to forget that our children are a blessing given from the power above. The children are our legacy and only when we give them our trust, guidance and our love will they be able to grow into the adults we want them to be. We must look at their errors in judgement as growing pains and let them have these issues so that they will be able to make the right decisions. As our children grow older we must let go of the reigns that fit their age. Once our children reach the age of 18 they should have the knowledge to have less issues but accept them when they do have those issues, be there for them, give advise but don't be judgemental as we were once in their shoes not to long ago. Remember they are a blessing and the day they were born was a blessed event and the day they move on will be another blessed event. The most blessed event is when they come back to us and say ( you were right) and I love you for trusting in me. Love your children as one day they will be your crutch to lean and guide you.

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