Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Why is it every Jan 1 we make these resolutions we know we are not going to keep? Who decided that this day was the day we needed to lie to ourselves. the new year should be looked upon a new beginning of hope, love and growth not lies. If we all just try to better each day than we wouldn't need this day as a marker. Each day you wake up and take a breath is a blessed day rejoice not waller in your what if and your (failures}. Failures should be looked upon as another oppurtunity is being given to succeed and make you stronger. Grasp each so called failure as a gift to build better character, inner strength and pride. God, Jehovah, Mohammad, Yaweh, BUddha, or whomever you feel will not let you take on more than they feel you csn handle, without pain there is no happiness, without failure there is no success. So stop picking this day as a way to lie to yourself make everyday a day for you to realize that you have been blessed and strive to better yourself and your world.

Peace to you

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