Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Accepting Responsibilty for Your Actions

Why is it that when people are not successful they blame others? It seems as if we cant or wont accept the fact that your past is not an excuse for you failures. All to often we blame our parents, past loves, past friendships, past life expeirences for our failures. while the past has helped mold you it is you who makes the decisions on what you become. You must accept the responsibility that you can change who you are if you want too. I am so sick and tired of hearing: my parents didnt treat me right, (the man) is keeping me down, the last person i was involved with broke my heart. these things happen it is called Life. i personally have used a few of these excuses myself but i have come to realized using these has only stopped me from becoming the person i want to be. it has also stopped me from receiving and giving the love i wanted. you see all of us have come form some kind of messed up upbringing or situation. alot of us have grown from it and others are still wallowing in it (self pity) STOP THE B---SH--. you are the master of your being no one else except the fact you can be someone great, you can receive someone great in your life, you can have all the great things you want in your life if you just ACCEPT the fact that it is YOU who is holding you back NOONE ELSE. whatever it was that happened to you accept that you are still a good person. you must focus on what you need (materials) not just what you want. once you have met your needs the wants will come along. asw in all my messages i have learned or am still in the learning stages of following my own advice. some days it is very hard to do so but i cant be truly whole unless i accept resposibility for my actions as well. i have done so on many occasions recently and they have been met with mix feelings(reactions) that is ok. it is not for others to make me whole but to help guide me on my journey as i will help guide you.

Peace in your minds
Love in your hearts
Serenity in your soul

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  1. oh my god you dont even know.
    i wish i wasn't so damn lazy or i would be working for you!
    (but i do love it of course)
    you have helped me a lot, you have pushed me more than my parents even have

    but of course, i need to push myself, i need to learn to do things on my own! im a big girl!