Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love? or Lust?

Love is defined by Webster as: profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.  Lust is defined by Webster as: intense sexual desire or appetite.  Well well quite a difference between the two huh?  so why do we get them confused?  I think first i must the word love gets thrown around so much that it has virtually lost its true meaning according to Webster or "whomever defined it"  I can honestly say that all of us want to be loved and w dont feel whole without someone loving us.  the problem is, you are loved by someone in the world every second of the day whether you know them or not you are loved.  now the thing is what kind of love? well  I love my spouse,  my brothers and sisters, my best friends, my friends, my associates, elephants, shrimp, golf, football, my car, my house  etc etc we all could go on but each one is a different kind of love wouldnt you agree? The love i want to talk about is personal love that we all crave for, the kind of love that makes us all gooey inside, heart race, that special feeling that you just can't explain.  Well, that feeling comes after Lust, i know you wont agree with me now but wait i am gonna give you something to think about.  when you first meet someone it isnt love you feel, it is lust you look at that person and say " they are cute, pretty, sexy, beautiful etc" it is not until you get to know tht person that  so call love develops.  Most people may think I am wrong but you cant see love but you can see someone whom is attractive to you and stirs a little want inside of you.  it is lust that makes you want to get to know them better and hopefully love them.  Now we also get confused on what is love and "in love."  i have used the phrase in love on many occasions. the truth of the matter is that in love doesnt exist it is " in lust" my new phrase i am coining this phrase  haha too late!!  so when we say i am not in love with you, you are really saying i dont desire you anymore.  you cant fall out of love with someone you have given your heart, mind too. you just put them i another love catergory. you see if you have spent more than a day with someone, missed someone, wished they were next to you, seen a car that looks like thiers, dreamed about them then you have deep love for them.  now alot of you think that you can be friends with benefits, are friends with benefits or having non commital sex "relationships" but you arent you are " in lust" with that person and no matter how much you want to lie to yourself, say it isnt so it is.  you cant give any part of you without feeling this emotion of lust and love.  love can never be taken back, given away or lost it is just redefined.  i love the mothers of my children, my ex wife but not in the same way i used to, see what i am saying?  now you have decided to give yourself to this person but are afraid of being hurt or if in your mind you think that "noncommital relationships" will stop the certainty of pain than once again you are fooling yourself.  i have thought that this was possible and have started out with this thought every time i have started a new relationship but it always comes down to love.  i miss, dream, want, need that person beside me.  it is because of the feeling that they make me feel that this is a necessity.  i know some of you will agree and some wont that is ok but look at your past and present relationships. tell me where and why did they start and where and why are they still around or gone?  i like you have been told that you must be " in love " with someone to be whole but that is not true.  you were whole when you were born and you will be whole when you die because you came into this world this way.  i am "in lust" right now, i am loving right now.  so many of us stay together because of this thing called love, the "inlust" feelings are gone but we stay out of the need to be "loved".  i say to hell with the need to be loved but stay because of the "lust" because that is what lets you wake up, go to sleep and puts a song in your heart each day because you are being lusted after and are lusting after someone. if i am have "lusted" after you than i feel blessed to have shared that feeling somewhere it did leave but the "love " has not the feelings have changed.  dont fight the "lust " embrace it, enjoy it dont let the false wall of vulnerabilty hold you back from expressing it to that person.  i know that when you do you will expeirence such a euphoric feeling like no other!

To all of you I wish you great joy and happiness for i have found it and lost it but on a quest to recover it. Join my journey.


Rev. David Smith 

as always i welcome your take on my run-ons.  feel free to let your friends know

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  1. so, that was very interesting to read

    i have to say though, with my relationship, there was no lust when i first started to hang out with my current boyfriend. none at all, there was the situation when my ex was jealous, but i told him he should not be, and now i have been dating him for over a year! it was friendship first, my best friendship, then love, then lust, and now it is a mix of all three!