Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is showing your love the same as proving your love

Wow these questions just keep coming.  i love it.  the question is showing your love the same as proving your love?  is saying i love you daily the same as proving your love to that person?  is this the only way to show your love? one question has drawn so many more.  if you had asked me this a few months ago i would have said yes but now after doing a lot of soul searching and feedback, i have found that it is not in the words but in the actions. i thought the more you said i love you the more it would make the person love me back, because everyone wanted to be loved and told they love you, boy was i wrong.  the words dont mean a thing if you dont put action behind it.  what actions you may ask?  well it is up to the individual that you are with, if really listen to them they will tell you what they want.  so many times we only hear what we want to hear, i know this to be true!  you will lose the one you are with if you dont really listen.  excuse me Hear what they say because i am sure you are listening to them.  your actions can be very minute, mellow or extreme ask your partner what it is they want from you and you do the same.  be honest with them lying will only cause heartache.  if you just make your mate a cup of coffee, pick them up from work, show interest in their hobbies, just Hear what they are saying, giving them space when they need and want it, giving them that special little smile :) that sweet little peck on the cheek, asking how thier day went, getting the kids off to school, wearing that little outfit they love to see you in then you are showing and proving your love to them.  if a person wants to belittle you and demand that you love them and you gotta do this and that then love is not there.  showing your love is just this: letting someone be the person you met, you fell in love (lust) with, letting them know you support them even if it is a stupid idea.  showing and proving your love is the same if you truly care for that person.  but it all wont matter if your mate/partner isnt willing to do the same for you!  i care deeply.  i love deeply.; i lust deeply. i have learned to Hear deeply. i hear you!!!; i love you!!!; i like you!!! I want you!!

I have lost in love but gained in wisdom. the smart thing for me to do is use this knowledge wisely but i am sure i will mess this up somewhere. i am only human after all.

Love long
Love hard
Just Love


  1. I like this post
    It is so true, we've said this so many times before
    It is just a word, and as they say, action speak louder than words

    I think doing things that your "spouse" enjoys is huge
    Both of you need to do the same thing for each other of course
    If you make them do something you love, you need to endure something they love.
    It will make everyone happier!

  2. Wise young lady you are. Nathan is a lucky guy.