Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank You!!!

I want to thank 4 very special people in my life. I recently went through a major event in my life and they were there for me. I had devastating news and tough decisions to make. these people gave the strength to keep the pace and strive to make the right decision. I had given up on so many occasions but they wouldn't let me
they kept me grounded. I have since conquered the issue and now live each day to the fullest. I have had some bad days as life is not always peachy but they have been and continue to be there. These people are not who you think they would be nor are they professional but very wise. Two of them had personal experiences with this and 1 was positive outcome and 1 was not. The ones who didn't you would never know they just had care and love in their hearts. they held true to me and I want to tell them THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!!



I was praying for a miracle and then you came along!
A friend is a guardian in disguise. Thanks for watching out for me!!

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  1. I believe it is human nature that we take life and our friends for granted. I also believe that you find out who your true friends when things get hard, both for you or them. You are tuly a blessed man to have the people you have in your life to help keep you grounded. Remember, a true friend is always there, thick or thin; near or far. ; )