Wednesday, October 21, 2009

True Friendship

Is it possible to have true friendship? What is true friendship? Does it have a price to be paid? Why is it so important to have it? Why do so many claim to be friends when they aren't?
So many questions, not enough answers. Friendship is defined as: the state of being a friend' a friendly relation or intimacy. Friend is defined as: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard, who gives assistance,supportive and not hostile. All of these definitions are found in the 'webster dictionary. so why is it that the people who you think are your friends turn out to be your worst enemies. I heard the term "frenemies" i thought how cool is that. You see to me friends are hard to find and True friends are even harder to find. I have categorized friendship in 3 categories 1. associates 2. friends 3. true friends
1= someone you hang out with but don't really care for if you dont see them on a regular basis, just having fun with.
2= someone whom you feel a closeness to and actually care if you dont see them much, have fun with
3= someone who knows you better than yourself sometimes and lets you be who you really are and not judgemental, closer than family, confidant,adviser, guider, foot in the butt provider.
you see I have lots of associates whom I have fun with and enjoy thier company. I have very few friends because I don't like having to many people too close. I have only literally a handful of true friends whom I can actually be myself with, i would give them the key to my home,my car, my heart. so many people have abused this feeling I and others have for them for thier own personal gain whether it be for money, prestige, physical or just for pure meanness. To be a true friend you have to listen, love, be forgiving, and care for the real person not just the person everyone see. Most people dont want others to know all about them but yet we all seek someone to find out about us so that we can be free to be ourselves. My true friends are just those kind of people. I love them deeply, cherish thier time spent with me, care for them more than family sometimes and let them be free to be themselves. True friendship is possible. Open you arms and welcome a new friend into your world but beware of their motives.

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