Saturday, October 10, 2009

Unclaimed Loves

This is a very interesting subject for me. You see we all have felt that that special someone has gotten away from us and we feel we can go back. You cant deny that you still have a very soft spot in your heart for them. You wonder the great (What if's) what if i had done this or that? what if i told them i loved them more or even less, given them more space, more attentive, more supportive, more of myself, etc etc. Well on most occasions you cant go back I know it is hard to realize that believe me
I am speaking from true expeirences here. Other times you can go back but it will never be the same, it can be alot better if you two really want it to be, but it will take some work not to go back to your old ways. It can also not be great because for whatever reason you broke up in the first place still haunts the one who the recipient of the break up or even so the one who did the breaking up may realize that things havent changed. I say give it the old college try because until you resolve the issues you cant move forward with your life. i feel you should talk to your old love and be honest with each other why? what? happened to end your love affair. did the "lust" leave and if so why? be ready to accept the answer it may break your heart or may not, just be open minded and receptive. if your are married now and not happy because you think you should be with you high school sweetheart then go see them and talk about it. be ready for them to say no because they have moved on with thier lives and accepted thier chance on "unclaimed" loves has passed and wish not to reopen the pain. The other side is rhey have been waiting for you also all this time they just didnt know where to find you or were scared to tell you. give it a shot you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. what will you gain? YOU!!!!!!! that is what you will gain. i have done this and it has worked out to us being friends again only friends. there are still a few i need to do this with it as i know there is some you need to do this with. good luck

May you have the courage of the lion
May you have the strength of the elelphant
May you have the grace of the swan

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